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Android tablets eating the dominance of ipad

Android is in air these days. Anyone purchasing a handset firstly goes for the Android device than look for any other gadget. Android tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 are eating away the profits and dominance of Apple ipad market share. These days the sales of Android tablets are double than the ipads. According to the figures, In the initial starting months of this year, about 308.7 million smart handsets, laptops and tablets were sold. Now the fastest growing section of the mobile gadgets is the tablets sales.

The sales of the slates has climbed high up to 106.1% from the last many years and about 41.9 million tablets have been sold till now. About 46.4% of the tablets sold by making the total sales of iPad and ipad mini but in a year slowly and steadily the number of sales is falling down. With the launch of bargained gadget Google Nexus 7, the most famous Amazon Kindle Fire and the Tab range of Samsung Galaxy Android has make up a serious and drastic comeback. Those days are over when the iPad was the only admired and well -accepted tablet.

Now the tablets that trouble the ipad are the Kindle fire and Nexus 7 moreover both these devices are smaller as compare to ipads. In addition to these are the reasonable alternatives and are great too but the success of these devices is the fall down of Apple ipad and as a solution Apple mobile phone deals is also launches its reasonable adaptation of ipad mini. But still the sales of android tablets are increasing day by day and are continuously eating the ipad sales. In opposition to this the sales of laptops is also falling down with 13% changing to 50.5 moveable computers.

According to the sources the figures have fallen so much is due to the Microsoft novel operating system Windows 8 and the customers are very slow in understanding the novel and bold looks of the software. But this is very true that users are employing reasonable laptops and net book instead of tablets. The Androids lead the mobile industry with 59.5% of sales in the field of operating system. Apple takes up the 19.3% of sales which comprised of iphone and ipad moreover the Microsoft sales go for 18.1% that comprise of laptops and Windows on sale.

Six Most Wanted Gadget Of 2013

If you take a look over the best gadgets of 2012, then its not very surprising that the last year was full of tech innovations. The internet devices have received great appreciation like Galaxy SIII, 3D printers, smartphones that upsurge to the tech market. With the arrival of New Year, the big tech giants including Apple, Google, and Samsung are ready to launch next generation mobile devices. Many high-tech devices are supposed to be released soon. People are getting eager to know what is in the stock of 2013. So as far as I foresee that all of these products will be launched at the end of 2013.Here we have put together a list of most wanted gadget that should be included in your shopping list for 2013.

Samsung galaxy S4

The next iPhone 5S

Sony play station 4

Apple TV

Black Berry Q 10

Google glass

1: Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most wanted gadget of 2013. People are waiting for the biggest blast of 2013 in the technology world. But I guess the craze of smartphones does not end here. The gadget will be unveiled on March 14 but people are guessing that their dream device would be of 5-inch 1080p HD display, 13-megapixel camera, and integrated support for Visa wireless payments.
Samsung mobileshave captured a huge market share, no doubt in it.

2: The next iPhone 5S:

The gadget lovers are looking forward for the next iPhone 5S releasing in the mid of 2013. Tech analyst are speculating that the device will have more updated features like high resolution screen, HD camera with IGZO screen for Retina and more storage. The next iPhone is something that will urge you to have it for its larger screen and six multiple colors.

3: Sony Play station 4:

Sony play station has given a new spirit to the gaming world. The PS4 by will prove revolutionary because it sort out the most favorite content software of a user based on the gaming history. Moreover it downloads the latest content or video game for the user automatically. So PS4 has a great worth for game lovers.
4: Apple TV:

After establishing its authority in smart phone, apple is looking forward to revolutionize the ever growing TV market. It has taken the initiative in this regard. According to reports that testing of this highly confidential product has begun by electronic suppliers for the compatibility testing of these respective features iCloud support, and iDevice that has been highlighted by the company.

5: Black Berry Q 10:

After a long time BlackBerry is back with a big bang by introducing BlackBerry Q 10 handset. The mobile is supposed to have outstanding features like Z10 touch-screen with HD screen 360ppi pixel density along with full featured keyboard.

6: Google glass:

Google glass is one of the long waited devices that are in its evolutionary process. The product is assumed to touch the market at the end of 2013. You will have full control to share, record what you see and what you want to show to others live with Google glass. Analysts are of the opinion that this device will surely capture the mobile market right after its release. So just get ready to catch the fever of 2013.

Gadget Gifts Are Not Just For Boys

When we think of gadgets, we tend to think of boys toys, electronic gadgets, geek toys and so forth. Gadgets and gizmos have traditionally been favorite gift items that one would buy for a guy. However, it has become increasingly popular for many women to be into gadgets especially ones that are practical, useful and enjoyable. Here are my top 5.

Digital Photo Frames and Keyrings

These are very popular gadget gifts among women in particular mothers, newly weds and grandmothers where they can proudly display pictures of children, wedding photos etc.The introduction of digital photo frames into the marketplace have transformed our lives to the extent that we no longer have our treasured memories hidden away in the closet. Now with digital picture frames you can display not one, but dozens of pictures through a single picture frame. Even better, with a multi-functional digital photo frame, you can play video clips taken from your digital camera and MP3s. The digital keyring is a similar concept except that you dont get the music and video function, but the added advantage of the keyring is that instead of carrying one or two precious photos of your loved one in your wallet or purse, you can have many photos beautifully displayed and carried with you at all times.


Many women, myself included love cushions and you can imagine my excitement when I first came across the i-Cushion. Following on from the hugely successful T-Equalizer T-shirts, the makers have taken their EL graphic equalizer into the household. The i-Cushion is perfect for the home and combines both style and innovation. When activated and positioned in earshot of a stereo, the dancing people comes to life!

i-CY Electronic Musical Penguin

It is without a doubt that the penguin is the coolest animal even if you have not seen the movie Happy Feet. The i-CY Electronic Musical Penguin is a speaker that can hook up to your MP3 player, ipod and most portable and non-portable music players. Depending on the kind of music you play, i-CY bops, wiggles, and light up – her movements and lights will change accordingly. Watch her happy feet dance to the beat. One really needs to see this gadget in action to do it justice.

Sun Jar

This is truly a wonderful eco-friendly product! Jam jar stores jam, but this Sun Jar collects and stores sun-shine so that you can use it at night. Originally designed by Tobias Wong, this masterpiece of a jar is ingenious. The idea is to leave the jar either outside, near the window or under some good artificial light, to collect energy from the sun throughout the day via the solar cell. When it turns dark, the jar gives a warm ambient and relaxing glow. Its a feel good factor for the ecologist in you and not to mention a money saving device so out with the candles and in with the jar! This great gadget was awarded the Gift of the Year Award 2007 in the UK.


Relatively new in the USA is the Mopod, a cell phone accessory that all women and girls are bound to find fascinating. Forget about annoying ring tones, simply attach a MoPod to your bag, belt, clothing, key rings or even your cell phone itself and these cute Mopods will flash, turn and spin when your cell phone receives a call. They make a cute accessory which is both unique and different. The only one snag is that Mopods currently works on GSM networks but I understand that the CDMA technology is being developed and should be available in the future. Costing a mere $10, this is truly a nice and inexpensive gizmo and makes a unique gift.

Mobistealth Android Spy — How Does It Work

MobiStealth Android spy phone software is an mobile phone monitoring application which is used to track Android cell phones. MobiStealth Android spyware can be installed on any Android mobile that has an internet connection. Once installed, MobiStealth starts to silently record certain cell events.

The way MobiStealth Android spy software works, is a person must download MobiStealth’s Android spy app right into the Android cellphone. This is accomplished via the Android’s web browser. After MobiStealth’s spy software is installed, the application becomes undetectable and straight away starts to record a range of information (call logs, text messages, GPS locations), browser & web bookmark history, and then anonymously uploads all the information to an internet web account. t.

The individual that installed MobiStealth can now log into their account, and view all the activity recorded on the Android device.

Here’s a list of cell events that are recorded by this application.

* Secretly Record Calls – Available only on GSM networks, this MobiStealth Android spy feature enables you to secretly record all calls made from/to specific numbers on the Android phone. The {recorded calls are then uploaded to your online

each MobiStealth account.

* On Demand Room Monitoring – This cool MobiStealth Android spyware feature will enable you to remotely record all conversations and sounds within a certain proximity of the Android phone. To use this Android spy phone feature, you simply send a secret text message to the target’s Android device, which will then trigger the recording to start. Once complete, the recording will be uploaded to your online account.

* Secretly View Pictures & Videos – By far, my most favorite feature of MobiStealth. This Android spyware feature (only offered by MobiStealth), will enable you to secretly view and view all the images and videos that are on your target’s Android mobile.

* Stealth GPS Tracking – With GPS tracking, you can secretly track the GPS coordinates of an Android user’s cell. Coordinates are captured and uploaded in predefined intervals, giving you a clear picture where the person you are tracking is.

* Recover & Read removed texts – All texts that are received or sent from the Android cell phone are recorded. This means even if the text messages are deleted immediately after being read, the Android spy phone software will continue to be transmit each text message, and give you the ability to read the whole contents of every text message.

* Secretly View Call Hisotry Logs – This MobiStealth Android spyware feature will allow you to read all of the inbound and outgoing call history logs of the cell phone. In addition to recording inbound and outbound call information, the name stored in the cell’s contact list that’s associated to the number in the call logs (and text messages messages) will be shown.

Why would someone decide to use spy phone feature such as MobiStealth? There are a variety of situations why somebody would want to use Android spy software, they include any of the following :

* Catch A Suspected Cheating Spouse: Possibly one of the largest reasons why somebody purchases this type of application is to secretly spy on their spouse or partner. Perhaps they’re worried that their partner is not where they announced they are or they want to see what messages are being sent late in the evening when suddently “the manager calls” or similar sort of situation. With Android spy software, a concerned partner can instantly see whether their partner is indeed being faithful. PC spy software has been about for a long while, but now that communication is being shifted away from PCs, and towards cell phones, there hasn’t been a method to secretly spy on your spouse’s cell phone and see what they are really doing, until now.

* Monitor Teenager Mobile Use: For moms and dads who worry about their teenager’s cell use, or want a way to track their teen in case they suddently cannot be found, cell phone is a perfect choice. Maybe they are worried about their teen is participating in a taboo activity or parents want a way to track their teens to ensure their teenager is where they are meant to be, with Android spy software, all of this is possible.

* Employee Monitoring: Android spy software might also be used to observe mobile use on company provided cell phones. In certain industries, more and more buyer communiction is occuring on mobile phones through text messages. Not knowing what’s being announced and / or not having the ability to have a record of the communication may be in violation of compliance rules and rules. Also, in the event of a potential suit, not having past records of particular client communication may put the company at risk. With this type of software installed on company provided mobile phones, bosses can keep records of such activity.

* Personal Back Up : With enhanced functionality of cell phones, information storage is rapidly becoming a concern. During the past, there wasn’t any easy way to backup your call logs or SMS text messages. Using this kind of software can do all these things without requiring you to recollect to perform a “back up” of your info. Android cell phone spy software will back up all your texts & call logs, so you never have to stress about not having an important SMS text message or look for a n important number that was accidently deleted.

In summary, MobiStealth is a monitoring app that’s used for a variety of reasons to track an Android device user. Though some of them may not be seen as “appropriate” in everybody’s eyes, it’s up to the person that purchases the software to choose the best use of the spy software based on their particular situation.

Dropbox Iphone

Dropbox is a great way to share many files. Whether you want to just backup important files, or share them with family and friends. Dropbox is a free service available to all that really helps with storing up files and folders. When you first get Dropbox you get 2GB of storage, which is a good amount!

Well, now Dropbox is now on the iPhone. One of the best ways to store and share files is now on the iPhone! Now, this is a free smartphone app, available now in the app store. This is the official app by Dropbox, so you are getting the newest features.

The downside is the iPhone does not support most file types, because of this, most files can be used. But nevertheless, Dropbox uses all the file types it can to make the experience better.

Once you have Dropbox on your iPhone you will probably want to get it onto another machine, such as another computer, or iPod Touch. Now, you will want to open up the Dropbox application. Here you are in control of all the files and folders. Now, since the iPhone doesn’t support alll file types here is a list of all supported files:

Images: .jpg, .tiff, and .gif
Music: .mp3, .aiff, .m4a, .wav
Movies: .mov, .mp4, .m4v
Microsoft Word Documents: .doc, .docx
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations: .ppt, .pptx
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets: .xls, .xlsx
Adobe PDF: .pdf
Keynote Presentations: .key
Pages Documents: .pages
Numbers Spreadsheets: .numbers
Web Pages: .htm, .html
Text and Rich-text files: .txt, .rtf

Whenever you play a supported movie file you will get the default quicktime player. The cool part about this is that you can use the landscape or portrait version, whichever you prefer. Also, whenever you want to listen to a supported song you will also get the default screen.

The PDF viewer is also very good. It is actually a great viewer. It works just like on a PC, just on a smaller screen. Now if you are on an iPad this will actually look pretty good!

A cool feature is the ability to upload videos and photos. If you have an iPhone you can always upload from your camera or album, same with videos. Now you can download to your computer and watch.

Dropbox is a great way to share and back up files. And the iPhone app is also a great way to get videos from your iPhone to your computer, or other iDevice. I recommend this application because it is completely free and really useful.

The Modern Day Car A Sophisticated High Tech Gadget

Little did Mr. Ford know that the little black buggy he was making back in the early 90s would a 100 years later be as sophisticated as the cars of today. Modern day cars are extremely complicated and high tech with some having the computing power greater than the first space shuttle which carried Neil Armstrong to the Moon! Cars today incorporate the latest in silicon technology and its the advent of Information Technology which has really given the automobile industry a giant technological leap. As computer chips become cheaper car manufacturers find news ways of integrating them into various functions of the car. Some of the primary technological advancements which have been made in car technology over the past few years are: on board chips in MPFI cars for controlling fuel supply and combustion, safety technologies like airbags, anti lock brakes and seat belt pre tensioners, high tech CVT transmissions, navigation through GPS systems, radar gun scanners, key less entry & theft protection systems & many more.

Some of the most recent technologies which have been introduced include Mercedes active safety technologies which sense when the car is about to have a crash and automatically rolls up the windows tightens the seat belts and inflates the seat cushions to protect the occupants. Then there are automatic headlights which turn on themselves when it gets dark and wipers which turn on automatically when it starts to rain. The list just goes on with seat back massagers, tv and dvd entertainment systems, in car refrigerators, telephone, laptop, sunroofs, heated seats & much much more. There are more gadgets in a car today than there were in an house in the 70s. Even drivability and handling of a car is controlled by computers, many cars have active air suspensions, traction control systems and active four wheel drive systems.

So when we buy a car today is it just a mode of transport which we are buying? Not really, its a mobile relaxation spa for some, a mobile office for other or simply a lifestyle accessory for the rich. One thing is clear, technology is never constant and will continue to amaze us with faster, more sexy and more advanced cars in the future lets keep our eyes on the road.

Three Skype Phone-A Futuristic Multimedia Gadget

Three’s patent product, the Skype phone has launched in the market with full of innovative features to pacify the tech savvy users. The Skype phone from Three is light weight, slim and has a decent screen. The user interface is easy to use. Being on the Three network means the phone is a 3G device and also packs a 2-megapixel camera, mp3 player, streams video and comes in black or white, with blue or pink trim.

The Three is the master in providing better network and connectivity to the users of the Skype phone which is packed with Bluetooth, Infrared and USB to connect it wirelessly; GPRS and EDGE to transfer data and files at high speed and WAP and XHTML to browse Internet. Definitely, the services obtained from Skype Mobile Phones have imposed higher service taxes in comparison to the general one.

Three network helps you out of the burden of hefty phone bills with the support of the mobile phone deals including Pay As You Go, Pay Monthly Mobile Phone, Contract Mobile Phone and so on. The users of Three Skype Phone can enter in a contract with Three for a period of 12-18 months to access the deals of mobile phone. During the period of contract; Three offers numerous offerings and schemes to the users of Skype mobile phones. The offerings may include 12-18 months free line rental; free mobile phone insurance; free mobile phone accessories; free upgrade of mobile phone; free roaming facility; reduction in downloading charges; reduction in peak hour call charges and many more. In addition, Three can provide free Skype handset as a part of special offering on festive occasion.

So enjoy the functionality of Skype phone on Three network and learn the art of downloading and transferring data and files, accessing to internet and send multimedia messages to other compatible devices in less time.

Torie Wilson is associated with Three Mobile Phones UK. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication from MiddleSex University. To know more about Skype Mobile Phones, Three Mobile Phone Deal, Three Skype Phone, Three, Pay As You Go please visit

The List Of Best Camera Apps For Android To Enhance Your Photographs

Currently, there are numerous Android phones that were backed up with the innovative camera functionality. Many of them are actually provided with the high-resolution 12 MP camera, for example the upcoming HTC Vigor as well as Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo. But still there are many people who do not feel very convenient with the image or photo results. As a result, they’ll consider the absolutely free and best camera apps for Android in order to change or enhance their pictures or photos. The following are the instances of the best camera apps for Android handsets or tablet computers.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This will be probably the most popular and the best camera apps for Android simply because it happens to be frequently used by either desktop computer or Android phone users for picture/photographs editing. Luckily, it’s totally cost-free and it’ll provide some great features for the image editing. The functions include the quick photograph adjusting by using crop, straighten, rotate, flip, and modify color function. You may even share the pictures to the online networks and as well online backup them to quickly. This brilliant application is obtainable to download at Android Market.

Pro Paint Camera

The Pro Paint Camera program will bring an even better picture result as it features white balances, 4 filters, 35 clip-arts, text fonts, photo effects, front-facing camera support, instamatic brightness and contrast, silent mode, focus control, including macro, sharing, draw, paint, ISO control (if supported), EXIF, importing your pictures from the gallery, scene modes, together with macro auto-focus. For everybody who is interested in the application, go to Android Market and search for it.

Camera Zoom FX

This will be one of the 100 % free and best camera apps for Android handsets that performs the large amount of exciting effects such as mirror, art, distort, and frame effects. It also presents superb modifying tools just like composite yourself along with a movie star, shutter skins option, buddy, borders, fun Props, set filters, anti-banding, white balance, night shot mode, toggle auto-focus, timer mode (with voice activation), stable shot as well as burst mode.

Photo Album Organizer

Aside from the customers need to edit or improve their images, they are going to also need the best camera apps for Android that possesses the capacity to organize the photo albums. The Photo Album organizer is probably the wise decision considering that it features the quick albums making in order to get a greater photo viewing using your mobile phone. Additionally, it comes with the capacity to organize and move images and hides the collections as well for the personal privacy matter.

Never Hesitate To Buy Gadget From Online Electronic Shop

Nowadays, the latest electronic gadgets and gizmos are very popular among the gadget lovers. They are not only useful, but are also a status symbol. What make these electronic gadgets so popular among the gadget freaks are their utilities and features. Now, people buy expensive gadgets from electronic shop in order to make great impression on their friends. Today, electronic stores are flooded with the wide range of latest gadgets and devices. You can look for mobiles, laptops, PC, tablets, gaming consoles and other multimedia gadgets. There are now more than thousands of big and small brands that are offering many products to gadget freaks.

There are now many electronic shops and online stores offering wide range of electronic products to consumers. But, these days consumer is also smart and they always want a gadget that have all the top end features and available at the lowest prices. There are now gadgets available in the market ranging from lowest price to the maximum price. The more expensive gadget you will buy, the more features you will get, but how could if you got all the features in at cheap price? Just like android phones. Now, you can buy cheap android phones through various online gadget stores.

If you really want to buy cheap phones then the best way is through the online shopping. Few years back, when the trend of electronic online shopping stores was started, it was not much popular because consumers are very scared of buying electronic devices through an online store. That time people have more trust on physical stores where they can actually touch and see the product. But, now with the passage of time, the thinking of people has also changed. Now, they have absolutely no fear at all from buying an electronic device from an online store. Today, you can buy absolutely anything from an online electronic store. You can even buy Bluetooth headset or else a big LED television, just like you use to buy it from any other physical store.

If you are a budget shopper than online shopping mall would be an ideal place for you. Forget the days when you are searching products like cheap camcorders in a rich shopping mall, where you can only see the product, but doesnt dare to buy the product because of its price. Now, at the online gadget store, you can buy any electronic gadget at the lowest possible price. And this is the price that you will not get in any physical store anywhere in the world. So, next time onwards never hesitate to buy an electronic device or accessory like headphones for phones from an online electronic shop.

Heart Touching Gadget Sony Ericsson K660i LimeWhite Contract Deals On 3

If you are trying to coax someone, take the help of Sony Ericsson K660i Lime/White contract deals on 3 that is heart touching gadget. So it can easily help you. If you are unable to talk to your girlfriend because of no means of communication, you can give this cell phone on her birthday. This is not only a gift but also a device of communication through, which you can express your inner feelings anytime and anywhere. You can kill two birds with one stone as you can present her this device as a gift and talk with her easily anytime and anywhere.

No other gift can impress your girlfriend like this one. Your girl friend will not only talk to you but also be able to listen to music, and take part in photography. After taking part in such kind of activities she will feel herself in seventh heaven. Sony Ericsson K660i Lime/White Contract Deals On 3 comes with pocket and palm soothing measurement of 104 47 15mm and has the light weight of 95 grams. Having light weight, it can be carried anywhere. The phone has TFT screen with high resolution of 240 by 320 pixels.

In current scenario you can not only communicate with mobile phones but also take part in photography, and can easily entertain you anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the phone is loaded with current technologies like 3G HSDPA, card slot, 32MB internal memory, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB port. The phone has various medium of contact in the form of SMS, MMS, EMS, Email, WAP 2.0/xHTML browser and HTML (Net Front 3.4) along with RSS feeds. To take part in photography the phone has a 2 mega pixel video QVGA@ 15fps along with a secondary CIF video call camera.

You can listen to your favourite songs with its music player that is able to play music formats like MP3, /AAC/MPEG4 media player and FM radio. Picture blogging, picture editor, organizer features make this gadget latest gadget. To store photos, you have 32MB shared memory with memory stick. So enhancement is also possible.

Oliver Batham has consumed his life on research and innovative tech. presently; he is working on 3 networks which are associated with latest mobile set such as Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson K660i Lime/White Contract Deals On 3. For the sake of getting information, visit,