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Android Tablet Pc – 7 Inch Android 2.2 Tablet Pc – Dreambook W7 Tablet Pc From China

Android Tablet Pc – 7 Inch Android 2.2 Tablet Pc – Dreambook W7 Tablet Pc From China

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Android Tablet Pc – 7 Inch Android 2.2 Tablet Pc – Dreambook W7 Tablet Pc From China, Cheap Price $370 usd.

Android Tablet Pc ($ 370 usd)


China Tablet PC: 7 Inch Android 2.2 Capacitive Tablet PC + 3G + GPS + 8G NAND Momery, Cheap Price:$351.1 – $370.01 Type: New Arrival; Payment: Paypal / Credit card / Bank transfer; Warranty: 1 year.

Dreambook W7 Android 2.2 3G Tablet PC Description
Not only a tablet pc, but also a phone
CPU: i.MX515 Cortex-A8 1G
3G: Built in 3G (WCDMA CDMA2000), Support voice call
Memory: 512MB DDR2 RAM
Internal Storage: 8GB built in Nandflash
operation system: Google Android 2.2
SD card: Support SD card extend to 32Gb
LCD: 7 inch Capacitive multi-touch Screen LCD 1024×600
WIFI: Wireless network:802.11b/g
GPS:Built in GPS and support voice navigation
Bluetooth: Bluetoot 2.0 A2DP
Camera: 2.0MP
USB: USB/DC 5V/3.5 mm audio jack/HDMI
Battery: Built in Battery 3300mAH
Size: 192x116x14mm
Weight: 450G
packaging weight: 2.0KG
Languages: : Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Czech, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)
Color: white
Hot Spots: Flash 10.1, WIFI, Google market, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Gravity inducer, Google map Package Content
DreamBook W7x1
USB cablex1
Power adapterx1

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You can find good number of gadgets in market which captivate your attention suddenly. Companies keep launching cool gadgets which can help people in day today life to perform most of the tasks easily. Most of the products provide huge comfort to consumers in daily life for example mobile phones, washing machine, juicer mixer, computer, laptop, iPods etc. Individual can buy such products from various regular or online shops, but gadget shop is the best place to checkout the latest products. Here, you can find all existing devices as well as the view of upcoming products. You can compare the widget of more than two brands as far as price, quality, features and specifications are concerned.

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Android Operating System The Leading Platform In Today’s World

One of the highly popular open source platforms for app development is Android. Brought into existence by Google, Android offers diverse possibilities to acquire interactive mobile applications. In this technology driven world, Android not only holds a prominent place but gives a tough competition to other technologies like Apple’s iOS as well.

A recent survey shows, Android App Development is increasing at a high pace overpowering iOS. Android holds a great advantage of being a versatile platform because of which many mobile developers prefer developing mobile applications over Android platform. It offers amazing and fascinating applications, which is why many people opt for Android devices and tablets. Latest Android devices like Nexus 7 and Galaxy III have lured the developers and have tempted them to build new and creative Android apps for these platforms. Google, the search engine giant, is also encouraging developers to create more and more creative apps rather than general apps for tablets and other Android devices.

Advantages of Android Platform :

Being a user-friendly platform, it allows the developers to demonstrate their talent of creating a highly interactive mobile app for the Android devices.

As we all know, Android is an open source platform. Hence, a third party developer who is skilled in programming can build amazing apps. Other than Google being a supporter that provides several SDKs for the developers, Android is an easy platform to work on , plus Android app development is cost effective too.
The Android development services are increasing day by day. Moreover, the applications that are made for Android are large in number and varied. One reason for Android devices seeing a great rise in demand is because of the wide range of applications that are available to the users. It has undoubtedly become the main attraction of Android devices.

Android platform is always updated on a regular basis. It provides newness and variety to the developers as well.

Android consists of a very large community of users, which means the developers can also have access to expansive resources over the Internet which would help them in solving any of their problems related to Android App Development.

Java is the programming language that perfectly defines Android apps. Developers who are well versed with Java programming language can do wonders in this field and create outstanding apps.

Android has gradually won the hearts of millions of users. Undoubtedly Android is one platform that offers great flexibility to the developers in creating terrific new applications. People will not think of switching over to any other device once they use Android applications.

Playstation Vs Playground – Residential Play Equipment Takes On Technology

Children of all ages love to play, and the importance of learning through play is emphasised within the education system. Nursery and primary schools provide play equipment that encourages social skills and physical activity for children of all ages. Even secondary schools have taken to providing assault course style adventure areas for teenagers, commonly featuring scramble nets, climbing walls and zip lines. Whilst this is providing exercise for the kids at school, it is often the lack of physical activity at home that is blamed for the growing number of overweight children.

If you are reading this and over the age of 30, then you will recall that during you childhood, there was freedom to roam without fear. As children, this generation, and the ones before them would play out in the streets, the woodlands, fields and beaches for hours on end, unsupervised and without any communication. The children in today’s society, although equipped to the max with high tech gadgets, rarely go beyond the threshold of the computer room. The provisions on offer with the four walls of the family home are a much more attractive option than anything on the outside; and the parents appear to be happy with that too, at least they know the kids are safe.

The trouble is that this lifestyle has created generation after generation of kids that have not experienced the freedom of play we enjoyed as children. Play equipment in public parks has made a comeback since the days of the That’s Life team and the horror stories surrounding the playground equipment of the time and the injuries they caused. Despite this, parents want to know where children are and that translates as a preference for Playstation over playground.

Although this is an understandable stance, it is not a healthy one. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide adequate play for children; much the same as you wouldn’t own a hamster and not have a ball. Childhood obesity is a serious issue, and with technology in schools advancing, replacing one screen with another is potentially damaging in more ways than one. Repetitive strain injury from using consoles, eye strain and migraine from visual display units and the general inactivity associated with technological ‘toys’ are damaging our children, and it is up to the guardians and carers of these kids to provide a positive solution.

In an era where property improvement is a hot topic, we should embrace change and reclaim the garden. Scrap the herbaceous border and invest in residential play equipment that will provide the precious playtime that children so desperately need. Swings, slides and trampolines provide hours of fun for children from five to fifteen. If space permits, a climbing tower will not only exercise the brain by encourage imaginative play, it will exercise every muscle in the body too.

By providing residential play equipment, the battle of Playstation vs playground is a fairer one. The opportunity for outdoor play is rarely turned down when children have the freedom to choose, especially if it involves playing with other children too. Just as a hamster will run from a cage given the chance, children will flock to a climbing frame and not necessarily the computer.

Austin Technology Incubator Recognized Manoj Saxena, General Manager, Ibm, With The Prestigious

Austin, TX, January 31, 2014 – Last night, at a joint graduation and 25th anniversary celebration, the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), part of the IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, recognized Manoj Saxena with the Laura J. Kilcrease Civic Entrepreneurship Award. As those gathered celebrated ATI’s 25th anniversary and the Incubator’s newest 25 graduates, Saxena was recognized for his many business and civic contributions to Austin. Saxena joins an esteemed cohort of past Kilcrease award winners, including Pike Powers, Lee Walker, William (Bill) G. Bock, Neal Kocurek, Luci Baines Johnson, Michael Dell and, most recently, Gary Farmer.

Manoj Saxena, a veteran entrepreneur, has founded, scaled and sold two successful venture-backed software companies: Exterprise, acquired by Commerce One in 2001, and Webify, acquired by IBM in 2006. Both were ATI portfolio companies. Since joining IBM as the General Manager, Watson Solutions, IBM Software Group, Saxena has remained a valuable part of the ATI network as a mentor and advisor, continuing to devote his time and energy to help the next generation of Austin-based technology companies.

At IBM, Saxena has directed the operational and strategic initiatives to commercialize industry solutions based on the IBM’s transformative Watson technology. Saxena holds two U.S. software patents and has received numerous business awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, IT Technologist of the Year, and the Distinguished Alumni Award from Michigan State University from where he received his MBA in 1991.

Despite his busy schedule, Saxena still finds time for community service and philanthropy, serving as board member or advisor to numerous organizations, including The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Austin Technology Council, Global Giving, Communities in Schools, St Edwards University Business School and Michigan State University’s Center for Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Saxena has invested some of the proceeds of his earlier business successes to build the Saxena Family Foundation, which is committed to improving the quality of life of women, children and senior citizens. Founded in 2002, the Foundation focuses on initiatives that promote U.S. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and the empowerment of young women.

“Manoj is one of our early corporate spin outs from 3M and a favorite ATI success story, for sure,” said Laura Kilcrease, ATI’s first director and Managing Director at Triton Ventures. “He prevailed in starting successful technology companies twice, stayed with IBM after an acquisition sharing his immense intellect there. But it is the time he finds to give back, especially though his own Family Foundation, that I find most inspiring. I am so proud he is one of the Civic Entrepreneurship Award winners.”

First awarded in 1998, the Kilcrease Award is given to business leaders in recognition of their contributions to the Austin community. Past winners have included Austin area influencers such as Pike Powers, Lee Walker, Michael Dell, Dr. Neal Kocurek, William G. Bock, Luci Baines Johnson and, most recently, Gary Farmer. The award is named for Laura J. Kilcrease, founding director of the Austin Technology Incubator and current Managing Director at Triton Ventures, who has dedicated her career to advancing Austin’s tech economy.

The 25th anniversary event included the graduation of 25 ATI portfolio companies and was held last night, Wednesday, January 29. ATI deeply appreciates the following companies whose sponsorship helped make this event possible: AT&T, HPI, IBM, Norton Rose Fulbright and Pike Powers Lab.

Great Gadget Gifts For The Amateur Home Car Mechanic

At any point of a car breakdown, most vehicle owners think of doing the repairs themselves, either to take it as an experience or save from auto shop costs. They While running to the professional mechanics is a wise choice, there is already an option for car owners and drivers to determine the needed repair and do the task themselves. say that you will be a competitive driver if you also know how to repair cars. This is through the various auto computer diagnostic systems and programs, one of which is the DTC or diagnostic trouble code reader.

The DTC is valuable for those who have computerized vehicles. They are the same systems used by most auto shops today which provide the information on error codes gathered by the vehicles computer. Surely, with an affordable $96 or some $340 DTC, youre saving bucks already compared to immediately putting your SUV or truck at the auto shop at the slightest clonk you experience.

This particular auto computer diagnostic gadget has become a valuable resource for vehicle owners today, particularly as the evolution of automotive components has become very fast. Simply having a DTC and compatible software, you could learn the works of a mechanic right from your own garage. While the DTC codes might come strange, they are easy to learn and pretty soon youd understand the car trouble youre experiencing, and know how to get your hand to repairing it.

Just think, the auto shop pros started this way with all the auto computer diagnostic systems and other latest car repair technologies as well! While at it, you should also opt for the garage organizer and purchase all the essential tools for DIY car repairs and maintenance. Its all about learning codes and good grasp of the right tools. Search through the internet to read more about DIY car repair.

Innovative Technology And Gadgets Which Has Changed The World

Old technology paved the way
Technology is something that makes our world change in ways it hasn’t before. Science isn’t just a job, or profession. It’s something we all have deep within us. As our bodies and our thoughts evolve, we accomplish new things and it’s then that science begins to change what we know as life and what we wish to achieve. Just as in the past, there are thousands of discoveries and changes within the field of science that are having a great effect on the world. Imagine older generations without cars, without telephones, without computers. When humans took science by the reigns and accomplished so much within decades, everyone and everything began to change for the better. It’s these inventions and gadgets that we’ve created that serve as stepping stones to greater things.

Aside from what’s happened in the past, how about what’s going on now, and the many inventions, gizmo’s and science that is altering the world today? It’s definitely a possibility that inventions today are happening more low key, without the drastic factor that they had before, but they are still happening quickly and effecting the world more than you probably realize. Take the iPhone and the iPad into example, both hugely important technologies just created recently. They’re both extremely innovative, magnificent creations that are starting to catch the eye of not just consumers, but electronic companies as well. Suddenly there are several copycats of the iPhone and iPad beginning to be mass produced, as well as other products that are attempting to rival Apple.

New Technology is making the future
Now you might be thinking, these inventions are nothing compared to the creation of the car, the phone, and other monumental moments in human history. It may even seem like production is slowing down, or capabilities are reached and we’re not discovering anymore life changing technology. Well stop, because that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Just take the latest production, the 3D HD flat screen television which are now pencil thin, and compare those to older television produced just years ago. You could make a similar comparison to regular DVD’s and Bluray. These are small adaptations that are sparked by an evolving world in science. These inventions might not be drastic enough for you, but consider them as once again, stepping stones for the future.

In fact, science has already evolved today and discovered inventions that would be as life changing as the phone or car. It’s unfortunate that with any new technology, there are still worries. What is the most dominant concern that inventors face today? There’s no disagreeing that it’s money and business. Money drives everything and if there is profit to be made, it will be put into production sooner. However, sometimes the world isn’t ready for things immediately. One excellent comparison is electric vehicles. Despite the fact we’ve made them, tested them, and are starting to sell them, not everyone is buying them. It’s a slow process to transform people into wanting new things. They’re going to analyze it and find that their gas car sounds better, drives stronger, and is more attractive. Now these are significant cons that electric cars face when compared to gas, and their cons that developers will need to address in order to help the world. Maybe it will take time for science to create a mean sounding electric engine, and that’s the exact moment that electric cars will spark and spread throughout. You can’t ever have a sure answer with business, but its these changes that show science is moving even quicker than it was generations ago. It’s these defining moments in life that we’re breaching the capabilities we thought we had and going beyond our beliefs in science. Spaceflight offers a whole new realm of capabilities for mankind, and just imagine what we can accomplish there. What we’re doing right now with science is what’s going to help us get into space and potentially allow us to travel to new galaxies, find new planets, and one day maybe meet different life forms. No one could ever fathom how incredible those discoveries would be. These types of incredible discoveries aren’t things that would just effect our daily life like phones and television has, they’re things that would change how we think, change our beliefs, change everything we know.

Benefits Of Ujanja Technology

Ujanja Technology is a software that enables mobile phone and laptop users to track there devices in case of theft. It is very beneficial to all the people who own mobile phones and laptops.

Nowadays, mobile phones have not only become close to us but they have become a way of life e.g. whenever you forget your phone home you find yourself going back for it and when you lose you phone you feel as if there is something in your body you have lost.. This also applies to laptops. This is the extent mobile phones and laptops have become part of our lives. Through Ujanja Technology, you can be able to ensure safety of your cell phones and laptops.

Ujanja Technology offers security. If you meet a thief on your way home and he/she asks for your phone, then you get an opportunity to converse with the thief then you say to him that you have taken proper measures to secure your cell phone he may end up thinking twice. Whenever someone hears that you have ensured security anywhere especially thieves they get scared then they end up retrieving. Thus security is offered.
Security is also offered in that you can track your mobile phone or your laptop whenever it is missing or lost. If you know that your cell phone or laptop is in a certain location then you can be able to get it back.

Laptops are slowly increasing in number in our society. They are very convenient especially to people who are always busy. They enable people to work anywhere and anytime, they allow people to store and access information and also internet if they have modems. Know imagine if your laptop gets stolen and you lose all your important information. How would you feel? Let me answer that for you IRRITATED. To ensure that your laptop and all the data in it is safe Ujanja technology can be of much help. This is because by ensuring laptop is safe then your important data is safe. If by mistake it is stolen then you track it to know where it is.

Ujanja Technology is a convenient way to kiss your thieves goodbye and if you have not yet tried it, please do and I promise you, you will not regret. Ujanja can be purchased and downloaded in your phone or laptop through

Apple iPad – Both a phone and a gadget

The phone or a gadget that is never decided and will not be able to be decided also that which category does it lies. The Apple iPad an elaborated gadget and that is one of those that if described in words those are not enough. Now as the time is passing the name of the iPad deals is the tablet computer as these days the screen size of the general computer is 12 to 14 inches and on the other hand the size of the Apple iPad is 9/7 inches but the advancement in the screen is that the screen is touch.

Along with that if you want you can connect a key board and if you don’t want you can work on the keys that are there under the touch they are also great and functioning and you get use to them very easily. The computer from which you can make a call and hat has mobile phone deals attached to it. The gadget is one of the most lovable and along with that the gadget is high rising also as it has given a new shape to the mobile phones and made them reach the max level of versatility that is possible for now.

The gadget is a result of many master minds, may it not be a part of your pocket but it is a part of your bag and heart. People look over you when you talk over the apple iPad. No one has ever thought that a little pad can do so much. Also the camera an only missing part, but can be easily connected to the gadget. Then the last that make the gadget more famous and reaching more people are the iPad contract deals which let the gadget reach the masses as without these the gadget is beyond afford. These deals took a long time to come but when they have come and even if they are less in number but still they are getting sold the most.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace The Android Gadget Comes At Great Bargain

If you look upon the Samsung devices then you can get totally captivated as the gadgets from this family are full of various beautiful features. Samsung company has been productively giving various amazing mobile phones to the market. The The Samsung Galaxy Ace is the latest addition to the Samsung family which comes up with the various different specifications such as-
Network- 2G and 3G network networks has been induced in the phone so that the user can easily communicate with the persons.
Dimension- With a unique dimension of about 112.4 x 59.9 x 11.5 mm, one can easily take it with themselves anywhere by squeezing it into the pocket or holding it in your grip.
Weight- It is light weighted as it weigh just 113 grams
Display- TFT capacitive touchscreen which comes with a size of 3.5 inches
Memory- 158 MB internal storage which can be extended upto 32 GB through the micro SD card where you can save endless memroies of your life, or some beauty of the nature.
Connectivity- GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB port is induced in the phone for easy connectivity.
Camera- 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus, LED flash, geo tagging , face and smile detection and video recording facility is incorpopraated so the user can click as many ophotos as they want that too with the crisp quality.
Operating System- Android OS, v 2.2 FROYO puts a number of application to the phone.
CPU- 800 MHz ARM 11 processor is powering the phone with efficiency.
GPS- Yes, you can now go anywhere you want as there will be no location problem with the GPS systems which is placed in your phone and will properly guide you to your destination.
Battery upto 640 hour stand by time and upto 11 hour talk time is more than enough and one do not have to charge the battery in very less time.You may have get the idea how well the phone is. This Samsung handset is stylish and give the user a great hold upon it as it comes in a compact shape. As it is Android Mobile Phones, one can use various applications through the Android market. One can get crazy about the sleek look and the sassy feel. As the Samsung company is famous for the looks and the multi media players, this phone has obtained the name of the company as the gadget comes with the beautiful looks and mind blowing features.

Now enjoy the various mobile phone deals with the network vendors like O2, Vodafone, Virgin, mobile, Orange, T mobile, Three, Talk mobile, etc. Some of these providers are giving the phone at free of cost with the Samsung Galaxy Ace Deals. You can also enjoy free connection, instant cash back offers, half line rentals for months, free calling minutes, free texts and much more with reduced monthly cost. If you want then you can also opt the other two deals, sim free and pay as you go to get the flexibility of enjoying the easy to recharge plans.