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Create A Funny Mug Gadget Design For Your Company

In the present day scenario the fastest growth of any business completely lies on its advertisement and promotional concepts. The success of the companys product by and large depends upon its awareness among the people. The advertisement has become the centre tool for the success of any type of business. Everyday the designers have been creating new designs to make their product more attractive. The creation of designs is not enough rather they should also be economic in the eye of the businessman and simultaneously they should also reach to the highest number of people. In addition they must also be within their reach. So the best designers and businessmen always consider these points when they look for the advertisement tool. The one product which passes this test is funny mug gadget design.

The mug with funny design always attracts more people than a simple mug. They can be easily introduced as promotional tool during trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, road shows and conferences where many people visit. These mugs can also be gifted free because of their economic range. They are useful to the persons also as they can be used for drinking purposes. Because of their compatibility they can be even carried to home and office easily. This character makes it best advertising tool for any company. The people visiting home and offices can view the funny designed mug everyday which makes them aware and inquisitive about the company and their products who has introduced such mugs for promotions.

These funny designed mugs can be manufactured in wood, glass, ceramic, metal and glass. The funny designs and wordings can be easily etched according to the taste of the target customers. The surface of the mug is another very important place the designer has to keep in mind because the funny mug gadget should create maximum visibility and effect to the viewer. The use of colors are also another important factor to be kept in mind by the designer as beautiful colors on them makes them more attractive . The high gloss finish touches are liked by everybody. The wordings on the funny gadget designed should be very distinct which everybody can read easily. The latest innovations and techniques have made it possible for the designers to design mugs with special character like pouring of liquid in them makes the design visible.

The importance of funny mug gadget design lies in the fact that they should be properly designed where the viewer can get the message which the company wants to promote without much difficulty. Their design makes the people and children aware of the products of the company. They must be very attractive to attract the attention of the people. If they are for sale in the market they should be within reach of everybody and can be bought easily. If these points are kept in mind the funny mug gadget can get maximum result of the promotion for which they are introduced.

If you think that you have some skills in designing which make you out of the box, then we provide best platform for you at This is the place where you can get comfortable environment to explore and demonstrate your skills.

Xbox Repair – Troubleshooting DVD Drive And Power Supply

Gaming consoles is becoming more and more popular not only with the kids but with the adults as well. Our fast paced technology has pushed the limits and boundaries of these gadgets in order to meet the demands of consumers all over the world. Xbox is one of these popular gaming consoles which offer an experience that gamers out there are hoping for. However, Xbox is not yet perfect. As of today, we can still experience some troublesome issues. Read on further to get a quick overview about Xbox and some of its issues for Xbox repair.

DVD Drive Problem Fix – One of the most common problems in every game console is in its DVD drives. Usually, they fail to recognize the game disc. A dirty disk error message is usually shown that may result in skipping movies or slow loading time. You can replace the DVD drive with your PC DVD drive when this happen. Although there is a risk that you cannot play standard Xbox games, by doing installing a mod chip will make the drive usable again. You can also ask Microsoft to replace your Xbox DVD drive with a new one which would make it easy for you for no modifications are needed for this option.

You may already experienced dirty error message shown in your Xbox display screens. This indicates that the gadget has failed to recognize your disc and this in turn may result in skipping movies or slow loading time. To solve this, you may want to replace the DVD drive with your PC DVD drive. Although there is a risk that you cannot play standard Xbox games, by doing installing a mod chip will make the drive usable again. You can also ask Microsoft to replace your Xbox DVD drive with a new one. There are no modifications needed for this one. If your Xbox DVD Drive is not functioning at all you may check the 2 small fuses on the drive PCB on the opposite side of the BA chips, the brown rectangles with MP200 markings on them. A 200mA fuse from an open circuit (burst) is what you needed to replace if ever you found it broken.

Another problem that you may probably encounter is failed power supply. This is usually preceded by a popping sound as you try to turn on your Xbox. Often times when you plug in the power cord of the unit you may experience sparks and crackle sounds. Sometimes, you may see a faint smoke followed by a faint smell of burn electricity. Whenever you encounter such problems, it is essential that you check the internal parts of your Xbox. Locate the tab that is broken loose and burnt. Tidy up most of the vaporized lead on the burnt tabs in order to loosen the hard to get stuff with a little bit of alcohol poured on a q-tip. Use a blade to scrap off the lead and then dab a little flux and heat it up to 800 degrees or 30+ watt iron. Use the soldering iron to fix the joint to make a solid connection. A standard AT power supply can also be used. You can also pick up the part of the power supply that is busted from you an electronic store.

Although you may experience trouble such as the things mentioned above, it is advisable for you not to twiddle around it if you do not have background knowledge about electronics. You can either replace it or leave it to be fixed by a professional for Xbox repair.

The Usb Record Player Makes Music Great Again

The USB Record Player is one of those gadgets that have slowly had an increase in demand over recent years. This has been due to the interest in helping to bring back to life lots of those old 45s on Vinyl. Remember all those old classics that you collected since you were a teenager?

Well, time can stand still once again as these latest gadgets can make the whole process of converting your old vinyl music, from 33s, 45s and even 78s, as easy as 1 2 3. And the great thing about these gadgets is they dont have to cost an arm and a leg either. With prices ranging from around 40 (or even cheaper) for the basic model to 400 for the professional models, which can even record straight to your iPod.

So what can these gadgets really do and what are the most popular and reliable ones available? For a start they really are a simple piece of equipment. All they contain are a turntable and a lead, which connects between the record play and the USB port on your computer (MAC and PC compatible). Hence why they are commonly referred to as the USB Record Player.

Plus, they also come with software that then allows you to convert the vinyl music to other digital formats such as the popular MP3 or even WAV. The software is also required to help clean up all the skips and bumps that you find on old vinyl records. So the quality of software provided and its ability to help clean the older music is very important.

Because of the plug and play nature of this gadget it isnt necessary to install any additional software drivers. This also ensures its ease of use, even for first time users of anything technical. Simply put, all you need to do is power on the USB Record Player, put on one of your old records and then plug it into your computer where you can then start the software provided. Follow the on-screen instructions and start converting. Simple!

Of all the USB record players that you find the most popular is the ION. This also appears under the Numark label and it has a number of excellent USB turntables in the range. And the KAM is also very popular with 3 main models in its range. In fact one of the models is professional quality, which consists of two turntables and is widely used by DJs.

With the ION you can choose from the ITTUSB-05, which is, the Classic style player to the latest iPod Dock that can record straight to your iPod. And for something in between there is the ION Contemporary or iTTUSB-10.

Other turntables that do similar jobs are the Jam, Stageline and Lenco series. All offering pretty much the standard box full of bits and pieces along with the USB record player.

If you are looking to spend lots of time converting a lot of old records then its important to make sure and get the record player that can handle all the old RPMs i.e. 33, 45 and 78. Some dont handle all, although there is software that you can buy that will also help if your particular USB record player is not up to the job.

So, get searching in the loft and pull all those old favourites and breathe some life back into the music again.

This Is Your Brain On Technology The Effect Of Technology On Social Interaction

What did people do with their time 20 years ago? How did we ever manage without personal computers, the Internet, cell phones, iPods and 24 hour cable news? The technological landscape is vastly different these days and scientist are wondering just what that means for our brains.

According to research done last year by UCLA scientist Dr. Gary Small, daily doses of technology may be altering the way the brain functions, particularly in social skills. He suggests that all that screen time may weaken the brain circuits involved in face-to-face interactions. He is concerned that fundamental social skills like reading facial expressions during a conversation are being compromised.

Small is particularly concerned about what he calls the digital native, those in their twenties and younger who have been “digitally hard-wired since toddlerhood.” As he explained in an Associated Press article, the digital native runs the risk of being socially awkward and isolated by their inability to interpret non-verbal messages from people. He is afraid this may be particularly true in the classroom that still relies on traditional verbal instruction along with interaction with the teacher and other students.

Small argues his case in his book “iBrain: Surviving the Technological Altercation of the Modern Mind.” He admits that his research about whether or not all this technology is changing brain circuitry is new and ongoing.

Other studies, in fact, have taken the opposite tact by seeing positive outcomes for technology users. A MacArthur Foundation study found that teens feel very connected to each other through online social networking. The study allayed some parents’ fears that teenagers are vulnerable to online predators the more time they spend socially on the Internet. “The study found that most teenagers steer clear of dangerous sites and use the Web only for research or to communicate with established friends,” according to an article in the Austin-American Statesman.

Parents who are too protective and prohibit computer use for their teens may be keeping their kids out of the broader social loop. The study found that teenagers move between the online social world and the face-to-face interactions with relative ease, one building on the other.

Dr. Maryanne Wolf of Tufts University thinks technology may even affect how people learn to read. Technology requires users to gather information quickly, rather than the more methodical and sophisticated methods of comprehending regular reading material. She is studying if this rapid information gathering could be changing the normal brain pathways formed when reading. She is particularly curious about the affect on young children as technology becomes a more integral component of modern classrooms.

As with any new information technology, like 50 years ago with the inclusion of television to the average American home, there will be curiosity and controversy. It is certainly hard to imagine how our brains waited for the morning paper or the evening news to hear what was going on in the world around us. It seems like each generation has a quicker learning curve when it comes to the latest technology. That could just be human nature, or it could be the circuitry of the brain changing and adapting to the technologically saturated world in which we live.

Gadget Guide for Honeymooners

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re talking about good old wholesome gadgets that newlyweds can use to make their honeymoons more memorable and fun.

Camcorders Honeymooners, imagine the fun you can have video taping your favorite moments and sharing them with friends or other honeymooners. Make sure to bring along a tripod to take pictures of the two of you on the beach or in your room. Here are a few camcorder recommendations:

Sony calls their new TG1 -palmcorder- the world’s smallest 1080i camcorder. It’s very small, weighing 10 ounces and is a little larger than a pack of cigarettes. It takes 3 MP stills (not a lot by today’s 8-10 MP standards) using face technology to optimize images. The titanium body makes it more rugged and able to take some rough handling. Some reviewers prefer the Sanyo Xacti HD1000 to the Sony. The Xacti gets high marks for features like 1080i video and 4 MP stills and costs around $700.

The only drawback with these new flash-based camcorders is that you may have to buy extra memory cards which aren’t cheap (compared to tape or DVDs) and you ultimately have to transfer the video on the cards to a hard drive or burn DVDs. For a great all around HD camcorder that still uses good old tape, we recommend the Canon Vixia HV30. It consistently gets high marks from users and experts and it stores video on miniDV tapes which are cheap, easy to manage and easy to edit the video.

We’re starting to see more still cameras that take videos and more camcorders that take high resolution stills. The Kodak Easyshare V1233 has some impressive specs, a great price, but gets mixed reviews. Complaints about ergonomics and image quality are common although some users love it. The Easyshare V1233 takes 12.1 MP stills and 720p video which could fill up your memory card fast.

iPod Accessories Altec Lansing InMotion iM7 costs about $150 and gets very good ratings. Reviewers like the sound quality and design features. The only drawback is, at 10 lbs, it’s a little on the heavy side and might not be better suited to a honeymoon that doesn’t involve air travel. For a more portable speaker system check out the Griffin Technology 1202 Journi. At 5 lbs, it’s lighter than the Altec Lansing system.

Possibly the best solution for honeymooners sharing music whether it’s on the plane or one the beach is a headphone splitter. The Griffin SmartShare Headphone Splitter costs about $12.00 and has individual volume controls which could be a key to marital bliss.

Two Kindles Are Better Than One You can’t keep active 100% of the time, so when it’s time to relax, how about a good book or even better, how about 1,000 good books? The ultimate gadget for the well read honeymooners just might be the Kindle which now costs $359 from You can download individual books which will cost you $9.99 each and you can also subscribe to the major daily newspapers and magazines for additional fees. Everything is downloaded over a widely available, high speed, EVDO data network (included with the unit).

The Principle Of Retinal And Iris Scanning Technology

Fingerprint method can be misapplied. This reality is proven scientifically correct. For that reason, people then try to find the more reliable biometric systems.

The retina is part of the eyes that is responsible for the ability to see. The pattern of blood vessels that forms the retina is as unique as fingerprint. The principle of retinal scanning technology is scanning the pattern of capillary blood vessels on the retina with low-intensity light sources.

In 1987, the first retinal scanner was made by Leonard Flom and Aram Safir and has been patented. However, by the year 1994, John Daugman developed the technology of iris scanning as a competitor for retinal scanner.

Retinal scanning principle

Retinal scanning is based on the fine capillary network that meets the needs of oxygen and nutrients to the retina. These blood vessels absorb light and can easily be visualized with appropriate lighting. To that end, the close distance between the eyes and a scanner is needed. The appropriate position of eyes toward the scanner is also necessary. Also, there must be no eye movement, such as blink or glance.

Retinal scanning can not be 100 percent accurate. It is also less suitable as a security tool because even though the pattern of capillary blood vessels of human beings’ retinas cannot change generally, but diabetes, glaucoma, and cataracts can change it.

Iris scanning

In its development, retinal scanning is considered to be too disruptive in the case of security detection devices. In the use of retinal scanning, the eyes should be as close as possible with the scanner. For long-term, the light of scanner that is too close to the eye can give negative effects.

Because of the weakness, iris scanning technology emerges as strong competitor. Iris, a network that gives color to the eyes is also unique in which the chance for two identical slices is 1:1,078. Even, the left iris and right iris of someone are different.

Cool Products You Never Knew You Needed From The Sharper Image

The Sharper Image has built a reputation over the years as the place for products that are creative, innovative, and cutting edge. It is the company’s goal to provide consumer products that you never knew you needed until you see them and realize you can’t live without them. The Sharper Image accomplishes that goal beautifullyjust dont let your husband loose on the site with a credit card if you value your budget! Here are a few nifty gadgets that you could really use in your life, but that you perhaps didnt even realize existed until now.

7 in 1 Emergency Auto Tool

The first such gadget to look at is the 7 in 1 Emergency Auto Tool. Regardless of how safely you drive, life can sometimes throw unexpected events your way, and car accidents can happen to the best of drivers, usually through no fault of their own. The 7 in 1 Emergency Auto Tool can help you to recover after a severe accident, and could even save your life. Features include an automatic glass breaker, a safety blade seatbelt-cutter, flashlight, emergency flasher, sonic alarm, tire gauge, and more, all in a package small enough to fit on a key chain. Consider equipping one for every driver in your family.

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

Another great item to enhance your life is the iPhone Photo Cube Printer. Everyone who has an iPhone loves its ability to take pictures at a moment’s notice, to capture lifes special memories. This gadget can take that easy process a step further. You simply dock an iPhone on the iPhone Photo Cube Printers compact printer and process your pictures, without the need for a computer. The pictures taken with your iPhone are printed in photo quality quickly and easily.

Pocket Projector

Many people love big screen televisions for movie nights at home or for slide shows or presentations, but sometimes a huge TV is simply not practical. The Sharper Image has a solution for those times: the Pocket Projector. Imagine a device that can fit in your shirt pocket and travel with you anywhere, that has 2GB of memory to store movies, pictures, videos and more, as well as inputs for SD cards, AV cables and more. It can project a virtual screen up to 48″ on any flat surface in low light. With this little baby you have a big screen display that can go with you anywhere, and at a fraction of the cost of a big screen television.

Wireless Home Security Camera

Aside from the fun stuff, don’t miss the Wireless Home Security Camera. This great item can be set up in minutes and accessed from anywhere there is WiFi via your Android Smartphone or iPhone, and allows you to monitor your home or any other location wirelessly and remotely. You can even set it to give you audio alerts on your phone when the cameras motion sensor is activated. Have peace of mind anywhere you go that your home is safe, as you keep an eye on it yourself.

These are just a few of the innovative products you can find at The Sharper Image. Check out their website today, but be careful if you do, because you’ll no doubt find more products you won’t be able to live without!

Mobile Forensic Extraction Tools

Cell Forensics Aquisition Tools

A list of cell forensics tools for extracting information from mobile telephones held by law enforcement. Free tools are the Blackberry Device Manager and BitPim. Hardware for purchase are the Cellebrite UFED, Secure View, and Susteen / Datapilot XRY.

Last week, we looked at cell forensic extraction tools and why they are even important for local law enforement.. A serious opportunity to finalize cases is available if you are collecting mobile forensics from your targets.

Cell forensic extraction devices have made made what was at one time a exceptionally painful process much simpler because they automate the process In this article, we will summarize a few of these mobile forensic extraction tools; in some investigations, they are free of charge, but in others, they cost a little money.

If you desire to do something that is wearisome and time consuming, try the physical extraction approach to mobile forensics information. Teaching on the subject is difficult to come by. In addition, the amount of customized hardware and tools required present challenges for even the most seasoned professional analysts.

Over in the UK, detectives are disassembling the telephones and extracting data directly off of the information boards themselves; so, we know the manual approach can work. However, given the rapid evolutions we see in the mobile phone forensics extraction tools market, I would suggest that the manual approach is no longer the optimal choice.

Tools for Aquisition that are Free of Charge

Quite a few sites host free tools for analysts to use to accomplish mobile device forensics. Often times, the tools only work with a limited number of mobile telephones; but they can still be helpful. A tool that we recommend is Bitpim. By permitting you to view and extract information for analysis on many CDMA phones from Samsung, LG, Sanyo, and others, Bitpim accomplishes the rudimentary cell forensics aquisition undertaking quite well.

An additional free tool focused on Blackberry smartphones can be located be able to download the Blackberry Device Manager, back up the device, and move forward with viewing the information. The IPD file format downloads some handy cell forensic data like SMS, call records, emails, email content, and calendar events on the device. However, the IPD format alone is not viewable. To really use the information, you must have another tool that costs $19.95 called the ABC Amber Blackberry Converter.

Extraction Tools that Are Automated and Cost Money

– One of the most commonly used tools is the Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Aquisition Device). The UFED automatically parses and extracts information from over 2,000 different cell telephones. , including CDMA telephones (like the ones that run on Verizon and Sprint) and GSM telephones (AT&T & most international carriers). In truth, that is 95% of the cell phones out there. Their new UFED Physical Pro model also permits detectives to access deleted content.

– The XRY or XACT tool by Micro Systemation is another tool of not that is widely used around the world. Touting support for almost 1000 phones as well as the new Android, this cell forensic tool is becoming a must for crime analysts.

– Finally, the Secure View by Susteen / Data Pilot is another viable optoin. It is a small computer that permits the analyst to extract mobile forensics and execute basic analysis on the go.

But in the next editorial on cell forensic analysis software, we will go past extraction.We will examine a few cutting-edge investigation software that imports and analyzes the call records, phone books, text messages, emails, and more with automatically.

Xoom Singapore Price Motorolas New Tablet

A lot of the tech savvy Singaporeans ask the Motorola Xoom Singapore price because of the big promise that this gadget has given to the public. With its wonderful features and sleek design, getting the Xoom as soon as possible, and hopefully without breaking the bank, is a must. The war of the tablets has just begun. There have been a lot of models released recently by different manufacturers and a lot of people might think that Motorola is just hopping on the bandwagon.

It is more than just hopping on whats popular for Motorola because their Xoom is reviewed to be one of the most promising gadgets of the year with its very competitive Xoom Singapore price. Motorola Xoom is the first gadget to utilize Googles Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

With this, it will be a pioneer in faster than light processing and many other capabilities that some other tablets have not done before. It also has a 10.1 inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution touchscreen. With this, more capabilities are unlocked and more possibilities can be done. It has a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 to provide crisp images that we all have wanted since then. Motorola Xoom is a gadget that is so packed with a lot of features that some analysts think that it can move people from using their laptops to using tablets altogether.

It is a trend that Motorola is trying to bank on by giving the public the best tablet that they can muster and roughing it up against the iPad. The Motorola Xoom Singapore price is a big question for all as its many features can be the biggest factor in its price. Is it worth it? The Motorola Xoom Singapore price is a combination of its awesome features mentioned above as well as fast user interface, long battery life, and multimedia usability. One setback can be the fact that it is the first gadget to use Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb and as well as for any first timers, there can be some bugs in it still. Overall though, it seems to be a very promising gadget that can be a break from the hype of the iPad, much more so for those who do not have much preference on Apple products. At the moment, the Motorola Xoom will be sold at US$799. Although this looks like such a steep price, most especially when it is compared to the iPad, it still is a gadget worth buying for its incredible features and extreme usability. The tablets are here to stay and the Motorola Xoom is a great buy in itself. With its sleek design, fast user interface and pioneer operating system, it sure is a gadget that will be so difficult not to have. Its set release date in Singapore and in other parts of Asia is not sure yet however, it is a much anticipated gadget this first quarter of 2011.The Motorola Xoom Singapore price of $799 might be a big price to pay but for the gadget that it is, it certainly can be worth it!

Google Io Showcases Wearable Technologies

It seems that wearable technology is going to be the in thing in the next few years. During the 2012 Google I/O, a major theme that was being pushed would be technology that would be wearable by the consumers.

Instead of having to bring along a separate device in bags or pant pockets, it seems that Google (and other tech companies for that matter) would want users to actually wear them as part of their outfit. Perhaps the idea behind this is that it would make the device much more embedded into the lives of its users.

Historical Use:

Industry observers mentioned that the idea is not that far-fetched. In fact, the military would already have prototypes and actual products of utilizing wearable computers. Usually, these military themed devices are used either for their communications capabilities or their GPS functionalities. However, the trend is to slowly bring these military devices into use for regular consumers.

In fact, there are now more companies who have tried to integrate their devices into more wearable designs. For example, MIT researches have long been looking at how they can manufacture wearable computers. Another example would be on how Apples iPod Nano has now made a wristband like peripheral which you could use to wear the highly capable device as a wrist watch.

Googles take:

Not one to be left behind by technology, Google also has something up their sleeve. They have previously announced the Google Glass. Google glass is a wearable device that would provide its users with a video game like heads up display while they are doing their everyday tasks.

Some analysts believe that Googles involvement in wearable technology would help push forward the acceptance of wearable devices. As of now, the use and acceptance of it is usually limited to the aforementioned military uses as well as to some of the rich and tech savvy people.

Analysts are speculating that similar to what happened with Android and smartphones, a Google role in the push for wearable technologies would also help push the number of devices that would provide this kind of function to the consumers,

Of course, people should note that despite the Google glass being highlighted in this years Google I/O, the actual thing is still in development. Many experts believe that the soonest that it would become available for commercial release would still be in 2 or 3 more years.