Best Customization Options For Your Android Smartphone

The truly great selling point of an Android tablet and phone is its nearly infinite customization options as opposed to likes of the iPhone, iPad and Blackberries. If there is something that you do not like about an application, a characteristic or function then be assured that there’s a plethora of alternatives available.

Starting with the basic personalization options the very first thing you might want to do is customize the standard wallpaper to something which resonates better with your style. To change the wallpaper you must touch the ‘menu’ button and select ‘Wallpaper’ from your list of options. You may then pick any image on the smartphone and choose it as the wallpaper. It’s also possible to touch and drag to focus on a distinct section of a graphic to use as the wallpaper. Do not forget with all the current connectivity options it’s also possible to transfer images from your computer to your mobile. If you still are unable to select the right wallpaper there’s a good free app out there named Backgrounds will supply you with access to countless wallpaper images.

The next basic customization option is to change your ringtone to something a bit more funky than the standard ringtone. To set the tone hit the ‘menu’ button, select ‘Settings’ and then navigate to the ‘Sound and display’ option. If you have not already done so, it is possible to transfer an MP3 to your smartphone and use it as your ringtone. To make this happen you will need to create a folder on the memory card named ‘ringtones’. Copy the song you want to use and Android will do the rest. If you would like even more control over the ringtone you are able to download a free application named RingDroid. This app will enable you to modify an MP3 and save just the awesome chorus as your ringtone.

Should your Android phone comes with a color LED then you’ve probably seen that it flashes when you’ve got a missed call or message. You are able to control the color of the LED to show a particular color for specific events. For instance you could set it to flash red in the event you missed a call from your manager and blue if you missed a call from your buddy. To modify the LED color, download a free application called Missed Call.

Once the essential customization is finished, you can start diving a little bit deeper and personalize your Android phone to your exact needs. One gripe some people have is the default messaging system. It is a little awkward and clunky. Nevertheless, various developers have come up with alternative messaging apps which are more intuitive and include more features. Handcent has established itself as the best replacement for the default messaging app. Those who use it, swear they’d never go back.

The next bit of customization you might like to check out is swapping out the default virtual keyboard. While it is reasonably functional it’s lacking a certain finesse, which is where the BetterKeyboard app comes in. You can include and take away custom buttons, alter the look and utilize a number pad if you wish. Should you be sending a lot of emails or texts then BetterKeyboard is a strongly recommended customization for your Android phone.

Ultimately you are able to change the home screen to display the data you genuinely want. The LauncherPro app does a fantastic job of this enabling you to have as many as 7 screens. This is useful if you use your phone to manage business and personal work.

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