Get Your Task Rabbit Clone Site On Iphone And Android Using Trabbit App From Apptha

Task posting sites that allow users to outsource their errands that they either dislike to do or find no time to do from their busy schedules is a brilliant working model. The win-win benefit of this service is that the posters who post the chores get it done for low cost and the rabbits that run the tasks get an extra income for running a simple day-to-day chore. Adding the luxury of mobile web access to such a task posting website will undoubtedly enhance the user experience. The Trabbit app from Apptha serves this purpose. Check link: .

This is a native app for the Trabbit clone script. In other words, the genius Trabbit clone script is now mutated to access and use in the iPhone/Android. The task post site owners who developed their site using the Trabbit clone script can now easily give an iPhone/Android app of their task posting site to the smartphone user base. Purchase the app, upload your site logo, configure your site settings and deploy it in the iTunes/Android market. You are now ready to give your site users a native iPhone app / Android app which they can simply download from your site/ from the app market, install and start using the service from anywhere, at anytime.

Key features of the Trabbit Clone App are:

Exquisite home page with site logo, featured rabbits display and easy touch navigation menus to browse through search, profiles, post task, tasks etc.

A unique icon for post tasks and find tasks in the home page allows posters to post task and rabbits to find task instantly even while they are on-the-go.

Post task with elegant task posting touch icons such as City, Deadline task, task confirm date, address, expense and payable amount. The posters can post task entering an appropriate title, description of the task and can even add a private note to the rabbit.

The posters can view rabbit profiles without having to type even a single word.
The posters can rate a rabbit based on their service provided in seconds.
The rabbit can check all tasks, browse through open task, task per city/ categories, view task details including description, deadline time, assigned status, payable amount by the posters etc.

The rabbit can update the task status just in a touch once the task assigned to them is been completed.

The posters and rabbits can send notification about the task details/status.
In short, the app embeds all the utile features the script furnishes.

The rising demand for access of web applications in iPhone and Android makes the mobile application development inevitable. Ignoring the mobility revolution may result in a serious downfall in the current competitive world. Hence give an iPhone app/ Android app for your service and empower your users to enjoy the complete task posting site in their smartphones. This smart move into the mobile web space will definitely amaze your users and will show a wide dedicated following for the service.