How Technology Helps With Maintaining Checks and Balance

Mans ingenuity is sometimes matched by a considerable amount of selfishness. Therefore, man should be protective of his innate character so that others can’t inflict harm on him. Sadly, the very reason why problems and catastrophes arise is man’s IQ. Man becomes uncontrollable to the point of becoming a threat, not just to the human race but also to himself because of too much intellect and the desire to gain absolute power. Selfishness sometimes overshadow man’s ingenuity. Therefore, man should be protective of his innate character so that others can’t inflict harm on him. Sadly, the very reason why problems and catastrophes arise is man’s IQ. Human beings have the tendency to be greedy and will become greedy for power and wealth, and he eventually becomes uncontrollable to the point that he, himself, becomes a threat to the human race and the entire world.

Regardless of whether how good mans intentions for inventing state-of-the-art gadgets are, there are individuals who unscrupulously and irresponsibly make use of such gadgets as a medium to realize their ulterior motives. Thus, out of every gadget invented, a corresponding gadget, software application, troubleshooting technique and security setting come as a bundled package to counteract the possible effects of mans unlawful interventions.

Cyberbullying, for example, is one of the latest forms of irresponsible use of computers that involves the deliberate intention to hurt or malign ones character or reputation through the use of demeaning and hostile remarks inside the web world. Social networks like Facebook and Friendster, for example, are two possible venues where such crimes are committed. Mark Zuckerberg, the genius behind Facebook, has installed corresponding safety and security measures for its users to control misuse of the service. A user, for example, can block, decline or delete any unknown individual from a list of friends or any message from an unknown sender. However, the responsibility still lies on users to use such precautionary safety measures or not.

Another nemesis of the IT era are the so-called computer viruses, the generic term referring to computer applications that destroy computer files and other applications. Viruses, which may be difficult to detect, can be transmitted to other computers once the infected files are accessed. Virus creators attach such viruses to executable files which are disguised as legitimate in nature. Once the computer is infected, it is dangerous to continue using the unit. Hence, it is necessary to reinstall the operating system to remove the virus. To protect computers once it has accessed an infected file, anti-virus applications or software from different manufacturers or vendors offer varying intensity and periods of protection once installed. Leading anti-virus software vendors even offer trial periods to sell their merchandise. The anti-virus software then fights the virus, maneuver them into the virus vault so that the applications are not corrupted.

Computers and laptops are way too expensive for safety to compromise, while anti-virus software only costs about US$40 on the average. Desktops or laptops must be protected in one way or another from such threats such as cyberbullying and computer viruses. After all, such products of technological advancements are the portal of unlimited knowledge that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.