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Time is very precious. Everyone is concerned about maintaining time. Every minute you pass by cannot be regained in your life time. Watch is considered as the primary gadget in checking time apart from clocks. The popularity is due to the portability by tying on your wrist. There are many inventions after watches where you can check the time like in a cell phone but the light on the watches are still shining without causing any fade. They are number of manufactures for watches all around the globe.

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The company take orders from any where in the world and shipping is usually done either through FedEx, EMS express courier service, TNT, airmail. If you want another option of shipping you can directly contact the sales team through email. The delivery time usually take depending upon the location of the customer and it will be around 14 to 28 business days at the maximum. Sometimes the delay can occur due to the custom clearance in many countries. The payments are shown in Euro and a shipment charge of 30 is charged with every one order. If there are more orders the shipment charge will also increase. The payment can be done through credit cards as all the major credit cards are accepted. Incase if there is no model present in the warehouse as per your order request, email will be sent to you informing about this. Usually all the shipments are done within 48 to 72 hours.

The company offers three months warranty for all the watches sold and if there is any defect the watch must be returned with return merchandise number which must be got from the company during the time of initial sale. All the repair works are done free of cost. If there is any enquiry you can contact the company by filling the email service form given in the website and your email will be addressed within 24 hours.