Usb Memory Stick A Must Have Gadget In The 21st Century!

Always remember to invest in a drive that used Top Grade Memory Chip from USA, Japan or Korea. You do not need to spend money on a popular brand, some OEM brands also using excellent memory chips.

I think most people do not know that USB stick was invented in 1998 by IBM. At that point of time, the idea was to replace low storage device such as floppy disks. USB memory sticks also known as flash drive, thumb drive, USB key and pen drive. And the drive also comes in various capacities 512MB 128GB.

One of the great advantage is this tiny device doesnt need any device to read it. Unlike CD-R or DVD-R, you still need to have a drive attached to your computer before you can access your data.

Most of the USB sticks nowadays are Plug & Play ready for Windows except the older version Window 98. You need not have to install any software during the initial stage. What you need to do is just plug in your stick and Windows will do all the work for you.

With the new technology, you can get USB memory sticks that come with password or finger print protection. You can have the stick divided into 2 partitions, one with secure (protected) and one for public (unprotected). That mean you need to have a password or finger print access to your secure partition. Some of the finger protection software can store up to 10 different users.

One last reminder, when you are buying your next USB memory stick, just remembers to get software to check whether it is Fake. Some suppliers did not check on quality of the sticks when they placed their orders from overseas.